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Local Eats | Bar Kindred

May 11, 2016

If there’s one thing I love – it’s aesthetically pleasing bars, restaurants, coffee houses… you name it! If it looks fucking dope, I’m into it! So it’s no wonder why I fell in love with Bar Kindred.

With marbled counter tops, brass accents, and beautiful graphics I couldn’t resist! I’ve only heard a few things here and there about this spot and it wasn’t until I was meeting with a friend I haven’t seen in forever who wanted to go to a restaurant in the same area. Sadly, that restaurant was super packed and we couldn’t stand waiting 2 hours just for a table, so we wandered about and found Kindred. I found the menu to be intriguing, especially because the hostess shared it was all vegan! I’m not vegan, but I loved how they had an extensive menu of things I have not heard of or seen before. Continue Reading


Weekly Little Wins | 014

May 10, 2016

5/02 – 5/08

  • Spent my Monday with great company and amazing vibes
    • Got brunch with Ian at Snooze – that OMG French Toast, tho!
    • Went to stop by and drop off Ian‘s suits to get tailored and I ended up getting a smoothie next door and the gentleman who helped me commented on my tattoos and really loved the mandala Charlie did for me. Turns out he’s going to the same artist!
    • Went to get our tattoos done by Justin Dilmore of Even Tide tattoo and finally got our pieces as a tribute to our dear friend, Mark Andrew.
    • Hung out with Jaymie and Aaron and indulged in this amazing white sauce pizza and creative vibes! So stoked for what’s in store for us!
  • Got brunch the next day with my Mom and brother as an early Mother’s Day outing at Great Maple
  • We checked out Liberty Public Market and explored a bit
  • Spent the rest of the day recouping and watching Netflix – Started and finished Flaked in a few days! Such a great show!
  • Scored some deals from Target #TakeMyMoney
  • Grabbed some lunch with Nancy when she stopped by my work at Tender Greens and got some coffee from Pirch
  • Had a mini mastermind sesh with Nancy and talked all things creative about her blog and helped with the vision! SO excited for the launch, you guys!
  • Got Ian’s Fides Rex swag in the mail all ready to share!
  • Caught a showing of Captain America Civil War with Nancy, Vicky, and Johnny! Such a fun time and the movie was AMAZING!
  • Did some last minute prep work with my coworkers for our big annual wine event, Uncorked and it was SO fun to see everything come to fruition!
  • Met with the amazing Melissa Glaze to catch up at Stone Brewery and talk business. Had some delicious food and talked about a collaboration for Coffee & Convos that I’m super excited to share in the next week or so!
  • Got to see Roxy as she helped with a Mother’s Day event for UTC and it was such a great time!
  • Uncorked began and got to help with the event and hear all the fantastic things about our guests’ experiences so I was super super stoked! Got to see Nancy and Alison, too! And even got to enjoy some wine with my managers!
  • Ended up meeting with my family and finally caught up with cousins I haven’t seen in forever!
  • Spent Mother’s Day Morning grabbing some tea and donuts with Nancy and met with CJ at Copa Vida to support Lisa’s HomeBakeshop! Got some delicious baked donuts from her and tried the new matcha tea latte.
  • Stopped by Communal Coffee and Native Poppy to check out the new space and LOVED it! Such a neat idea and I love how it caters to anything you may need for yourself or someone else!
  • Met with Caitlin Brehm, aka the SEO whisperer, at Heartwork Coffee Bar and got to chatting about anything and everything! She is the absolute sweetest and we ended up trying a neat vegan restaurant, Kindred. We even had some beers and our overall interaction just filled my heart up!
  • Met with my parents and grandma for some Mother’s Day festivities and had a blast

It has been one crazy week with one thing after the other, but I couldn’t be more stoked with how life has been lately. It’s true what they say – do good, and good will happen. That’s what I’ve been trying to do and it’s been an amazing experience!

This next week will be nothing short of amazing – gonna go to SF and celebrate Ian’s birthday! So stay tuned, y’all!



Weekly Little Wins | 013

May 6, 2016

4/25 – 5/1

  • Sent out my first newsletter for Coffee & Convos!
  • Got to catch up with CJ! It’s been forever!
  • Nancy stopped by to see me at work, and we were able to have a successful shopping day!
  • Went to Liberty Public Market for coffee and to shoot some April Favorites!
  • Met with my tattoo artist, Justin Dilmore at Even Tide, to chat about my next piece! SO EXCITED!
  • Tried VG Donuts from Solana Beach, yum!
  • Went to try Pokiritto during their soft opening with Nancy!
  • Had a creative heart to heart with Nancy, which is always fun to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Got to try a rose macaron from ‘Lette! YUM! Thanks Lanea!
  • Had a California burrito from Lolita’s – seriously best thing I ate all week!
  • Tried this spot called Grater Cheese with Karla – pretty delish! We split a carnivore with chipotle mayo sauce (obvi) and a 5-cheese mac and cheese! #NOMZ
  • Got hooked up with the salted caramel macarons aka my weakness…
  • Helped Ian shop around for his suit and shoes for our upcoming SF Trip!
  • Had dinner with some of my favorite people, Wendy and Katrina! #BlastFromThePast
    • Ended up at South Park Abbey and stayed for karaoke night and had such an amazing time in good company!


Adventures Discover

#WhereAlyssaWanders | Highlights of my Minneapolis Trip

May 2, 2016

Alright, so I realize now that recapping my whole entire trip to Minneapolis from last month seems a bit bizarre this late in the game and plus I would probably rant on and on and on about it. But after going through my archive of photos, I thought would share the highlights of my Minneapolis trip by sharing some of my favorite moments!

I had a blast and I can’t thank Kayla enough for letting me stay with her and show me around, as well as Devan for taking the time to hang out and meet with us! It was my first time traveling to the Midwest and I would definitely go again – for the coffee shop vibes, the creative company, and even the movie reruns of 500 Days of Summer (talking about you, Kayla!). Continue Reading


April Favorites 2016

May 1, 2016

These past few months have been both insane and awesome, and I haven’t been keeping much track of my favorite things until maybe this past month? I know, bad blogger!

But I’m here to share with you my April Favorites!  Continue Reading

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Local Eats | Pokirritto Soft Opening

April 29, 2016

Alright, so first and foremost, the hype around sushi burritos is real. It’s basically a large sushi roll you can eat with your hands (think bigger than a hand roll and a bit more unique as far as flavors go). There has been so much hype surrounding these babies ever since Sushiritto in SF opened up and it was only a matter of time before SD caught on the trend. With multiple spots opening around, Pokirritto happens to be one of them!

Nancy and I made a point to go to the Pokirritto Soft Opening this past week since whenever we would go out, we would see the restaurant but it wasn’t open yet, and word on the street was it was their soft opening… And now here we are. Continue Reading

Beauty & Fashion Lifestyle

Honest Beauty at The Grove

April 28, 2016

Just a few weeks ago, Nancy and I made a trip to LA solely for the Lauren Conrad book signing for her new book Celebrate. And in the midst of that adventure, we got to pop into the Honest Beauty Store located in The Grove.

I’ve only heard of Honest Beauty through the internet grape vine and there were rave reviews over her skin care. I loved how intriguing the storefront was, so it immediately lured me in!

We were greeted by such friendly staff who shared that their store was fully interactive. There were iPads stationed around the different beauty products, and when you would stand in front of it, would add a different beauty look onto your face! If only it were that easy to apply makeup!

After taking a look around the store, I knew I didn’t need anymore beauty products, but at the same time knew I would be upset if I didn’t take the opportunity to pick something up while at the store (anyone else have that feeling?). They had everything from face, eyes, and lips, to awesome looking skincare in beautiful packaging. After perusing the store, I decided to go with a few products… The Hydrating Face Mist and the Konjac Sponge.

I just ran out of my toner mist I usually opt for from LUSH and this one just smelled awesome and misted so nicely! I couldn’t say no. And I picked up the Konjac Sponge because I’ve always wanted to try one to up my skincare game but never had the chance to pick up. The associate who helped us said the sponge works really well when using a cleanser as it helps exfoliate and get a deeper clean than when using your hands and shared that it’s helped up her skincare game. So needless to say, I was sold!

So you can only imagine how excited I was to pick up these two products and use at home! The overall experience visiting their store was also so much fun, because aside from the cool iPads, they had a photo booth just behind the big mirror they have in store. It was SO cool – basically a hidden room full of photo booth magic (pretty much wizardry approved by Harry Potter).

I would definitely visit again, just for the sheer fact that I can hog the photo booth and make silly faces in the privacy of a cute room and also to get my Honest Beauty fix! After using the products for the last few weeks, here are some of my thoughts!

Elevated Hydration Mist – I love how clean and refreshing this mist is, it definitely helps my face stay hydrated and I only use it after my skin care regime in the morning as well as after I apply my makeup, kind of in replacement of a setting spray. After using it every day after I got it, I definitely can feel a difference as far as my skin goes – it seems a lot more calm and stays moisturized throughout the day – which I love! And not to mention, it’s pretty affordable in comparison to other mists! So yay!

Refreshingly Clean Gentle Konjac Sponge – I haven’t used a sponge to clean off my makeup before and I’ve only really used this a hand full of times, but I can easily say it’s a nice addition to my skincare regime! I’ve used it alone and also with a cleanser, and it’s a great alternative to using my hands when wanting to deep clean and exfoliate. Once wet, it gets soft but is still able to give you a deep clean on days when you need it! I recommend giving this a try if you haven’t explored the world of the sponge.

Where Can I Get This!?

Honest Beauty at The Grove

or Ulta Stores and Online



Weekly Little Wins | 012

April 27, 2016

This week was a reminder that not every day will go as you planned, nor will it flow like every other week. Spent most of my time at work and felt exhausted, but did accomplish a lot! So aside from the usual workload, I did have a few things to share for my Weekly Little Wins…


  • Tried Rubicon Deli for lunch with the boss
  • Had KBBQ with Nancy!
  • Had a quick trip to Fashion Valley for coffee and caught up and chatted all things creative and personal with Nancy!
  • Celebrated Earth Day at work
  • Finally had the chance to sleep in from 6 days of work in a row and I slept like a BABY!
  • Enjoyed a brunch at Pacific Coast Grill with some of my favorite blogger babes!
  • Spent the rest of the day with Jaymie, Ian, and Aaron (AND BELLA!)!
  • We got to catch up and be creative, and it was so dope to be behind the scenes of what’s to come for all of us.
  • Enjoyed a home prepared meal by Jaymie – SO GOOD! Need more days like this!


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Local Eats | Brunch at Pacific Coast Grill

April 26, 2016

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending another Blogger Brunch Alison put together! It was more of an intimate setting with 6 gals, myself included, with Alison, Jaymie, Kelsey, Taylor, and Phyllis! It was my first time connecting with Phyllis, and she’s just the sweetest!

It was a lot of fun sitting around a smaller setting table and getting to connect with each of the girls (granted, I’ve connected with 4/5 of them before!). With great company and great food, you can do no wrong. Continue Reading


Weekly Little Wins | 011

April 22, 2016

I’ve been slacking so hard, but that didn’t keep me from documenting my Weekly Little Wins! I was lucky enough to have a few days off this week to catch up on some sleep to recoup, relax, and also meet with some awesome people!


  • I was able to meet with the ladies behind Huntress Florals, Jen and Jesse, over a cup of coffee for my Coffee & Convos project!
  • Being in North Park, I also got to shoot my BFF, Ian!
  • We got MORE coffee from Dark Horse, and we even ran into a good friend – Nelly!
  • After hanging around North Park, we ended up going to Liberty Public Market to get some coffee and food – Westbean of course, and Parana Empanadas! I even got to meet another barista named Gerardo, who’s super awesome!
  • Went to Holsem Coffee to meet with Divina of SD Coffee Questers for a chat about Coffee & Convos!
  • Got to sleep in for once! Then started my day late afternon with a horchata latte from Por Vida and saw Manny!
  • Attended a networking event at James Coffee with Melissa, met up with John and Jenna, and had a mini brainstorms and brews sesh!
  • Ended the evening with ramen from Tajima with Melissa 🙂
  • Celebrated my boss’s birthday at work!
  • Attended the Liberty Public Market Grand Opening Celebration with Nancy! Had a blast and tried lots of new foods, different drinks, and got to meet a few people!
  • Went to Holsem Coffee and met with Camie of Fresh Baked Paper Goods for Coffee & Convos! She was so amazing and she is incredibly talented. She even gave me a RBF Club pin!
  • Celebrated my Nanay’s 86th birthday with my family!
    • We ate LOTS of delicious food
    • We bought scooters and rode around the neighborhood with them while we followed our little cousin around on his bike – it was amazing kind of reliving what our own childhood was like!
    • Ended the evening with roasting marshmallows by the fire!
  • Spent Sunday being a busy bee! First, I had a chance to catch up with Tiff and Nancy over coffee as they helped me take photos for my Coffee and Convos project.
  • We tried Dark Horse’s new cold brew soft serve – so yummy!
  • Enjoyed waffles from Wow Wow Waffle! OH YEAH! #7 FTW!
  • Met with Steve and Gan (of Pop Pie Co) and caught up over coffee over at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters! Even had a mini Coffee and Convos sesh with them 🙂
  • Got to hang out with Karla and caught up with a trip to Pigment, a necessary dinner over Coops, and of course a trip to Ikea! So much fun!
  • We ended the evening over Oreo cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory!