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1096 Days

July 23, 2016

It’s been 3 years.

3 years since I’ve lost the love of my life. Yet gained the most important person in return… me.

I guess it’s true what they say, that time heals all wounds and that it may take either twice as long or half as long the time you’ve been together to get over the person you were with. Luckily I’m here to report to you as the latter. Three years later, I’m looking back at these 1096 days (one added day because of leap year) and realizing how much of a blessing in disguise this breakup was and what a life changing experience it is.

In hindsight, losing the “love of my life” was the best thing that has ever happened to me. And though I may never get the chance to thank this person I once considered spending the rest of my life with, I can only wish him the same amount of happiness if not more that this whole experience has taught me.

I’ve found love and most importantly experience love through everything. Love in myself, love in my closest friends, love in my family, and love in simplicity. I’m living life with a greater appreciation for the small things in life, and finding the beauty in the world I had once missed. From seeing the allure as lights reflect on the unfamiliar San Diego streets washed over with rain, to singling out the whistles in the breeze while watching the sunset and at the same time having wind whip through my already messy hair, to being in the presence of people who fill my heart with so much love that it hurts.

I’ve found my happy place. And it’s here. In me.




Weekly Little Wins | 016

July 18, 2016

Weekly Little Wins is again in full effect and this week entailed a lot of consumption of Pokemon Go (even though I don’t actually play) and work work work!

7/11 – 7/17

  • Met with JonJon at Communal Coffee! Had a meeting of the minds discussing future projects and a collaboration in the near future!
  • Ran into Michael and chatted all about his #colorsofguatemala art show that just happened and is happening again in August!
  • Hung out with John and had more coffee and ended up getting a delicious avocado toast topped with prosciutto!
  • While John went Pokemon hunting at Balboa Park, I was able to explore and take some photos!
  • Emerline posted an awesome write up about Coffee & Convos, and I couldn’t be more thankful! It is truly amazing to be surrounded by such supportive people! Check out her article here: Talking with Coffee & Convos
  • Stopped by Por Vida to get a much needed Horchata Latte pick me up and had the prettiest pour from Manny!
  • Launched Jamie’s Coffee & Convo live up on the site!
  • Got another coffee, this time a Canela Brown Sugar drink that Manny again KILLED the pour!
  • Went back to Por Vida the following day to meet with Ku’uipo for Coffee & Convos!
  • Got to meet the cutest bull terrier, named Badjak (who has his own IG of course!)
  • Hung out with Karla and Khate over ice cream at Hammond’s and enjoyed a lychee cream and green tea combo! YUM!
  • Went to Por Vida yet again on Sunday and this time to meet up with Ian and chat over coffee! We even tried a lemonade topped with espresso which was surprisingly good!
  • Ran into Joseph, Yogi, and Sir Winston at Heartwork Coffee Bar and enjoyed an affogato and cold brew float just in time for National Ice Cream Day!
  • Went to Liberty Market and hung out with the guys at Westbean (John, Gerardo, and JonJon) and had Poke GO yet again! Seems like a a recurring theme these past few Sundays!

And as I’m wrapping up this post getting ready for the week, I’m already dreaming of future travel plans, convos with rad people, and copious amounts of coffee! Have a great week, y’all!



Finding Your Escape

July 14, 2016

I think it’s safe to say we all need a break from it all sometimes. I’m not talking about a vacation or packing up your stuff and getting a one-way to anywhere (although, that does sounds promising)… I’m talking about finding your escape.

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Weekly Little Wins | 015

July 11, 2016

The Weekly Little Wins has finally returned! I took a look back at my past posts highlighting my wins and thought to myself “why the heck did I stop doing this!?”

So here we are… with the return of Weekly Little Wins.


  • Celebrated July 4th with Jaymie, Alison, and new friends! We were able to BBQ by the pool while catching the fireworks from Jaymie & Aaron’s balcony!
  • Was finally able to sleep in after what felt like a few weeks without rest.
  • Went to the G-Eazy and Logic concert at the Sleeptrain Amphitheater with Jaymie and Jess and had a grand old time! I even took them to Tacos El Gordo after to celebrate!
  • Caught up with Steven and Gan (the geniuses behind Pop Pie Co.) over coffee at Bird Rock at their newest location.
  • Stopped by Stehly Farms Market – a super cool marketplace that has locally grown produce and product!
  • Checked out the future home of Pop Pie Co. and got a behind the scenes look before they open in the next month! SO EXCITED!
  • Popped on over to Westbean in Liberty Market and got some coffee from my favorite baristas, John and Gerardo!
  • Celebrated my brother’s 20th birthday with the family and got to eat delicious food and eat some cake!
  • Finally had the chance to catch up with Melissa and talk all things creative and boys over at Park and Rec!
  • Shared Char’s Coffee & Convo up on the site and in turn, she posted her favorite moment in June which happened to be our Coffee & Convos on her YouTube Channel! (MAMA I MADE IT!)
  • Celebrated Alison‘s birthday at her place watching 13 Going on 30! Got to meet her awesome friends, sip on some wine, and catch up with Taylor!
  • Spent the whole day with my girl, Jaymie!
    • First of all, found VIP parking at Jaymie‘s house which meant I didn’t have to hike my way up to visit her.
    • Got to hang out with Bella!
    • Ended up getting some food at the Fish Shop in Encinitas after spending what felt like 30 minutes looking for parking
    • Went down to the Bro-Am fest and met with Jess and her hubby, Colin!
    • Got to listen to Switchfoot while sippin’ on some Suja juice!
    • Went back to Jaymie’s house and got to have a BBQ with her family! They are seriously the sweetest and most welcoming people in the world, I am so lucky!
  • Finished Season 1 of Peaky Blinders!
  • Got my usual coffee at Westbean and got Poke Go with John!
  • Ended the evening with coffee and conversation with an old friend, Alec, and even running into another friend, Chris of Clever Talks, while at Cafe Bassam!

Had quite the eventful week spent with some awesome people, so I can’t wait to see what the next week will hold! Don’t forget to take a peep at Coffee & Convos and check out Char’s YouTube video!

What was a highlight of your week?!


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#WhereAlyssaWanders | 36 Hours in Las Vegas

June 16, 2016

Over Memorial Day weekend, I flew to meet with my family for an overdue vacation which lasted a span of 36 hours in Las Vegas.

I took a quick hour and a half flight from San Diego to Vegas and enjoyed staring at the sun while it set among the desert landscape. There’s no greater feeling than that I get from traveling. Even when it’s to Vegas. Ironically enough, I’ve never traveled to Vegas as a 21 year old nor was I ever into the whole “Vegas Night Life” scene. This trip didn’t change that mindset at all, but rather confirmed that that lifestyle just isn’t for me. And I just happened to visit on the same weekend everyone and their moms turnt up! Continue Reading

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What it Feels Like to Launch Your Passion Project

June 15, 2016

It’s official. I finally launched my passion project, Coffee & Convos, and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s crazy to think that last year, this was just an idea. An idea with no real plan or no real direction, just something I wanted to do… Connect with people over coffee and share their story. I remember feeling so strange approaching even my own friends about this thinking they’d think I’m crazy. But luckily, they were all about it and helped be the first to sit down and officially have Coffee & Convos with me. Continue Reading


Caught Up in My Feelings

June 10, 2016

Lately more so than ever, I’ve channeled so much of my own feelings. And I am not the type of person to even admit I have any. You know, the typical “I like my coffee like the color of my soul, black” type of thing. And as much as it’s a great thing to feel these feelings, it’s also incredibly overwhelming.

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Never Enough Time

June 3, 2016

So I’ve been MIA on this blog for so damn long, and I’ve avoided even looking at this blog because I felt like a bad person for not keeping up with it. Well, I finally accepted the fact that it’s OKAY. So what if I didn’t post my Weekly Little Wins, and I didn’t share my experiences just yet from my last two trips? It’s all good… Because we shouldn’t have to force anything and good things come in due time! It was actually quite nice to disconnect and keep my focus on just one thing… that thing being Coffee & Convos, especially as we’re closing in on the launch date! But when I see that the last post I shared here was on May 11th, I just think to myself that there’s never enough time. Continue Reading

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Local Eats | Bar Kindred

May 11, 2016

If there’s one thing I love – it’s aesthetically pleasing bars, restaurants, coffee houses… you name it! If it looks fucking dope, I’m into it! So it’s no wonder why I fell in love with Bar Kindred.

With marbled counter tops, brass accents, and beautiful graphics I couldn’t resist! I’ve only heard a few things here and there about this spot and it wasn’t until I was meeting with a friend I haven’t seen in forever who wanted to go to a restaurant in the same area. Sadly, that restaurant was super packed and we couldn’t stand waiting 2 hours just for a table, so we wandered about and found Kindred. I found the menu to be intriguing, especially because the hostess shared it was all vegan! I’m not vegan, but I loved how they had an extensive menu of things I have not heard of or seen before. Continue Reading


Weekly Little Wins | 014

May 10, 2016

5/02 – 5/08

  • Spent my Monday with great company and amazing vibes
    • Got brunch with Ian at Snooze – that OMG French Toast, tho!
    • Went to stop by and drop off Ian‘s suits to get tailored and I ended up getting a smoothie next door and the gentleman who helped me commented on my tattoos and really loved the mandala Charlie did for me. Turns out he’s going to the same artist!
    • Went to get our tattoos done by Justin Dilmore of Even Tide tattoo and finally got our pieces as a tribute to our dear friend, Mark Andrew.
    • Hung out with Jaymie and Aaron and indulged in this amazing white sauce pizza and creative vibes! So stoked for what’s in store for us!
  • Got brunch the next day with my Mom and brother as an early Mother’s Day outing at Great Maple
  • We checked out Liberty Public Market and explored a bit
  • Spent the rest of the day recouping and watching Netflix – Started and finished Flaked in a few days! Such a great show!
  • Scored some deals from Target #TakeMyMoney
  • Grabbed some lunch with Nancy when she stopped by my work at Tender Greens and got some coffee from Pirch
  • Had a mini mastermind sesh with Nancy and talked all things creative about her blog and helped with the vision! SO excited for the launch, you guys!
  • Got Ian’s Fides Rex swag in the mail all ready to share!
  • Caught a showing of Captain America Civil War with Nancy, Vicky, and Johnny! Such a fun time and the movie was AMAZING!
  • Did some last minute prep work with my coworkers for our big annual wine event, Uncorked and it was SO fun to see everything come to fruition!
  • Met with the amazing Melissa Glaze to catch up at Stone Brewery and talk business. Had some delicious food and talked about a collaboration for Coffee & Convos that I’m super excited to share in the next week or so!
  • Got to see Roxy as she helped with a Mother’s Day event for UTC and it was such a great time!
  • Uncorked began and got to help with the event and hear all the fantastic things about our guests’ experiences so I was super super stoked! Got to see Nancy and Alison, too! And even got to enjoy some wine with my managers!
  • Ended up meeting with my family and finally caught up with cousins I haven’t seen in forever!
  • Spent Mother’s Day Morning grabbing some tea and donuts with Nancy and met with CJ at Copa Vida to support Lisa’s HomeBakeshop! Got some delicious baked donuts from her and tried the new matcha tea latte.
  • Stopped by Communal Coffee and Native Poppy to check out the new space and LOVED it! Such a neat idea and I love how it caters to anything you may need for yourself or someone else!
  • Met with Caitlin Brehm, aka the SEO whisperer, at Heartwork Coffee Bar and got to chatting about anything and everything! She is the absolute sweetest and we ended up trying a neat vegan restaurant, Kindred. We even had some beers and our overall interaction just filled my heart up!
  • Met with my parents and grandma for some Mother’s Day festivities and had a blast

It has been one crazy week with one thing after the other, but I couldn’t be more stoked with how life has been lately. It’s true what they say – do good, and good will happen. That’s what I’ve been trying to do and it’s been an amazing experience!

This next week will be nothing short of amazing – gonna go to SF and celebrate Ian’s birthday! So stay tuned, y’all!